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Magia Books is owned by A.J. Cerna and Kiersten Michele

KIERSTEN MICHELE is an author and bookworm who spends her mornings, evenings, weekends, and in-between times reading. She grew up on mysteries, fantasies, historical fictions, and any other story that would take her on an adventure. Her love of reading turned into a love of writing, and she took that love to college and…got a PhD in counseling psychology. Plot twist. But when she’s not writing extremely fascinating academic articles, she’s creating stories to take her on more adventures.

The Mage War Chronicles is her first (fiction) publication.

When not tucked into her reading chair, she’s out adventuring in the real world, climbing rocks, hiking rocks, and taking way too many photos of rocks.

A.J. CERNA is an author, film-lover, gamer, and all-around story junkie. Like any healthy kid, he grew up imbibing fantasy novels, anime, manga, and movies, and realized at a young age that writing stories was the best way one could spend their time. Eventually, he found his way into film school, where he got his degree in screenwriting. In his time in Hollywood, he pitched animated series around town and worked in the anime dubbing industry in various capacities. He also ran the film site LRM Online as editor-in-chief for several years, which allowed him to write about the stories he loves when he wasn’t writing stories himself.

His series consist of Djinn Tamer, Champions of MythRune, and now, The Mage War Chronicles. 

When not reading or writing, he can be found hiking, podcasting, gaming, or checking out the latest craft beer breweries.

Books by A.J. Cerna


Djinn Tamer: Starter (Bronze League Book 1)

Djinn Tamer: Rivals (Bronze League Book 2)

Djinn Tamer: Evolution (Bronze League Book 3)


Champions of MythRune

Exerpt from a recent email:

As of today, we have three books in active production (With ideas for tons to come). One, of course, is City of Mages 2 (not the final title), the sequel to City of Mages that will continue the story of Alara and Quenti following their escape from the Haven.

The second book is something we’re calling Project Firebird (another temporary title), a standalone fantasy-romance from Kiersten that takes place in the same mage world as City of Mages–though this one will be in a neighboring country, along with its own fun magic system!

Finally, the third book is Spectral, an Urban Fantasy from me (A.J.) that follows a group of government agents who find and capture ghosts in a Cyberpunk world.

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